8,000 people removed from La Paz beaches despite restrictions


La Paz BCS.- Despite the fact that the restriction on the beaches continues for all citizens derived from the health contingency by Covid-19; In the last two weeks, the presence of people on the beaches of the municipality of La Paz has increased.

Aumenta la presencia de visitantes en playas paceñas

This is how it was stated, Susana Rubio Lucero, head of the department of the Federal Terrestrial Maritime Zone (Zofemat) of La Paz, who also explained that the department has seen the need to withdraw around 8 thousand visitors from the beaches, with the highest influx at El Saltito beach.

“Our work has been very hard these days and in these last two weeks we have had a little bit of complication because people are not abiding by the indications of civil protection, the biggest problem we have had in the Sergeant, the Barriles and Todos Santos and the Santito; and this weekend we had a greater influx in that area ”, he declared.

In this regard, he regretted that the number will increase considerably in recent days, since in just one week, it went from 6,000 to about 8,000 people who were removed, and 2,500 vehicles that were on the beaches.

Aumenta la presencia de visitantes en playas paceñas

He added, with respect to these last two weeks, the record of greater resistance and complication on the part of society by ignoring the recommendation to take shelter in their homes, however, as it is a measure taken by the Municipal Protection Council Civil, this must be complied with, so people are asked to leave, which, in turn, causes discomfort for them.

He mentioned that, regarding the delegations, the presence of citizens coming from the municipality of Los Cabos has been detected, especially in Los Barriles, Todos Santos and Pescadero, who have also been withdrawn and invited to follow the recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19.

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Finally, he urged from the direction of Zofemat, the entire population to stay in their homes, not to go to the beaches because they continue to be closed to the public and thus be able to favor that the number of infections does not increase.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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