Expats in La Paz are trying to block public beach access


La Paz, Baja California Sur.- After a citizen complaint, the residents of La Ventana gave their opinion on the closure of a part of the beach in the vicinity of El Sargento-La Ventana in the La Paz’s Los Planes delegation.

“While some believe that it limits the passage of people in an area that belongs to everyone, others say that it prevents the passage of all-terrain vehicles that disturb the marine ecosystem”, Mayor Rubén Muñoz said he will take action on the matter.

La Ventana BCS (Photo: kitesurfvacation.com)

A resident of the beach area identified the closure of the pass when a neighbor of foreign nationality erected a fence in the residential zone of ​​El Sargento-La Ventana that seemed to suggest that the access pass is limited or that it is private property.

“The foreign community made an intervention to privatize the passage through the beach of ‘El Palmar’ with posts that are prohibited by the Mexican legislation. How can we get them to remove them? ” asked a citizen on Twitter, calling the attention of the municipal president of La Paz.

The user photographed the blockage of the pedestrian crossing which caused the reaction of the mayor, Rubén Muñoz Álvarez.

“Of course this won’t be allowed. I am taking note and will gladly review this situation, ”replied the mayor, who seems to agree that the measure is illegal.

La Ventana BCS (Photo: kitesurfvacation.com)

“The serious problem is that they force those who move on beach motorcycles – all local people – to have to travel on the road; something that is prohibited and generates more tire wear, represents more economic expense and a potential danger for motorists who drive this kind of vehicles,” stated one of the citizens who denounced the foreigners’ action to limit the passage of off-road vehicles on the beachfront of their property.

On the other hand, there are those who say that “vehicular traffic on the beaches affects the beach ecosystem and destroys turtle nests.”

“Limiting the traffic of ATVs and 4x4s is fine, especially in El Sargento where there is a lot of idiots (sic.) Who does not understand or respect this law”, a Twitter user literally stated.

“As long as pedestrian traffic is not limited and the photo clearly shows that this is not being violated,” another person wrote on social networks.

La Ventana BCS (Photo: kitesurfvacation.com)

In accordance with the traffic regulations in force in the municipality, the transit of motorcycles is allowed as long as they wear the appropriate protective equipment, and no more than two people travel in each vehicle (only one is allowed per vehicle during the health contingency).

Similarly, there is no regulation that prevents people from traveling in an all-terrain vehicle on the country’s beaches, in Baja California Sur there are even businesses that rent this type of vehicles to travel on these beach roads.

Sources: diarioelindependiente.mx, kitesurfvacation.com

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