Todos Santos BCS organized to give food to vulnerable sectors


Todos Santos.- Because the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus health contingency, and which is affecting thousands of people, inhabitants of Todos Santos organized to give away food.

Elizabeth Chávez reported that the initiative arose out of concern about the situation in the world, which is why several people decided to group together to prepare food and deliver it to vulnerable groups.

The event organizer explained that since last week they deliver nearly 100 food rations to the same number of people, for this, various organizations are joining with the donation of supplies, and the delegate Roberto Palacios Ojeda is in charge of distribution.

“We organize a group of people to prepare food, some civil associations are supporting us with the donation of supplies and the Delegate supports with the delivery of food,” he said.

He explained that the solidarity of the inhabitants of the Magic Town will continue to support those who have the least in this contingency for the Covid-19.


The Mazatlan Post