La Paz BCS will redouble efforts to enforce quarantine with 10 more units


La Paz.- After the entrance to Phase 3 of the pandemic by Covid-19 was officially announced, various actions began to intensify, one of the public security.

In this regard, Omar Valdez Neria, director of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic of La Paz, indicated that, after the lack of attention by the citizens to attend the call to stay at home, they will now be fined for not abiding by quarantine measures.

“That people see that the actions and measures will no longer be just to raise awareness, but since people are not attending to these calls that were made at the time, they will now be subject to fines,” he said.

In this sense, he explained that the fines will depend on the actions and in accordance with the manual of the Police and Good Government Branch. Likewise, he recalled that it will also be verified that the new provisions are complied with, including the use of face masks to go out to carry out essential needs.

“What is sought is that only the people who are on the street are those who are carrying out essential activities. That already out there they have been indicated what would be the circumstances in which they can leave, but above all that those people who have to leave are using the necessary hygienic measures regarding the use of mouthguards, antibacterial gel, and gloves, “he said.

Lastly, he insisted that protection at home will be essential in order to limit Covid-19 infections in the state capital, now with the entry of phase 3 of the pandemic.

“The essential actions have already been established and are indeed permitted by the corresponding authorities. Those that are not justified or that are not essential within those that are already marked in the list, we will have to take actions so that then the citizenry takes the necessary conscience; We can allow people to continue with this situation, once we have entered phase 3 and where the shelter at home is essential to limit this contagion with the entry of this phase, “he concluded.

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