Jalisco Family Flees Forced Quarantine in Los Veneros Nayarit by Helicopter

They were transferred by helicopter from Bahía de Banderas to Guadalajara. Witnesses say the helicopter landed three times and took several people. The Government of Nayarit knows the information but they assure that they are not empowered to act legally. They are known to be infected with Coronavirus.
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During the course of yesterday, a private helicopter transported on several occasions several people who were quarantined within the tourist complex “Los Veneros”, located in Bahía de Banderas, after the governor ordered yesterday the sanitary fence to the confirm positive cases on-site.

Turistas jaliscienses que estaban en cuarentena en Nayarit, rentan ...

It was revealed that they are members of a family of ancestry from Guadalajara, known for owning hospitals and important companies in Jalisco. Which were transferred to the Jalisco capital. This information is known to the Government of Nayarit, and they affirmed that this family with economic power, broke the forced covid-19 quarantine by air.

They have the record of a helicopter that landed in Los Veneros and rose with an undetermined number of people, but witnesses assure that the same helicopter landed three times during the day, carrying people who were in quarantine.

They assure that this determination was made without the consent of the Government of Nayarit, which is unable to act in a legal manner, since they do not have the powers conferred by any judicial authority to keep those who vacation in this luxury complex in residence. .

It is known the registration of the helicopter and the air control information in the area established by the Puerto Vallarta airport, where they confirmed that the aircraft came from Guadalajara and that they were bound for that location.


In two videos posted on his Facebook wall, the governor, Antonio Echevarría García, revealed that there were 15 cases of COVID-19, minutes later he spread that he increased to 18 infections and one death so that they are already 2 deceased by Coronavirus.

Vacacionaban en Nayarit, los declaran en cuarentena y huyen en ...

This was stated in his last video (5:55 p.m. Central Time) 4/9/2020

“An hour and a half ago I confirmed that there were 4 (new) cases of COVID-19, in an hour and a half I want to tell you that there are three other cases. That is to say that of the 15 we already have 18, but the most painful, another has already died. We have 18 confirmed cases and two deceased.

Source: noticiaspvnayarit.com.mx, reporteindigo.com

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