In a panic, tourists cancel flights to Baja California


The Secretary of Finance acknowledged that, out of fear, tourists have canceled flights to Baja California Sur

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The head of the Ministry of Finance, Isidro Jordán Moyrón acknowledged that in panic tourists are canceling flights to Baja California Sur, due to the alleged arrival of the coronavirus to the entity; the government did not contemplate this situation, he pointed out.

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“(Cancellations) have been presented because there is a panic around the world, people prefer to take shelter in their homes, which is also part of the recommendations they make to try to avoid and contain these infections, surely they will go little by little, ”said the official.

In this sense, he specified that, despite not considering the arrival of the coronavirus, they seek to have good results; working, in order that the state does not have any affectations for this virus, which up to now has not attacked the southern Californians.

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“It is a situation that we did not have contemplated, that we are going to understand and understand. We continue to work and we hope to continue having very good results so that we have something to deal with in this situation; Today we are firm to address the problem, “said Isidro Jordán.

Likewise, he indicated that at the moment the degree of affectation that Baja California Sur could have due to Covid-19 cannot be measured, which is why he commented that the State Government is in constant communication with the 5 Mayors, to avoid major affectations. .

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“We can’t really measure it, you know that this problem is an international problem, a global problem that we hope that Baja California Sur will not be affected, it will invariably come at any time and we are in great coordination with the mayors, with the authorities, “Said the Secretary.

Finally, he added that the Government of Baja California Sur will not stop its work just as the country’s teachers will, till they will finish classes on March 20 and resume activities on April 20.

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 “No, it was published yesterday by the Secretary of Public Education where he talks about the cancellation of classes and activities at the entire educational level as of March 20, but we as Government continue to work is when we most have to be together, to to be able to get ahead in this emergency ”, he concluded.


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