24,000 migrants released in San Diego in the last two months


TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA.- San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond says more than 24,000 migrants have been released onto the streets of San Diego since late February and more than 120,000 in the last six months.

In an attempt to verify those numbers, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has told Border Report that those figures are not being released to the local media.

Desmond, however, says the numbers are accurate and San Diego County should expect more migrant drop-offs in the coming months.

A migrant welcome center had been taking in asylum-seekers after they were processed at Border Patrol stations, but it was forced to shut down seven weeks ago when county funding ran out.

That’s when the Border Patrol began busing asylum-seekers, dropping them off at transit centers around San Diego, particularly the Iris Avenue trolley station in South San Diego.

“The federal government is giving us no assistance,” said Desmond. “They’re just dropping them off in our streets, we’re at their whim.”

Source: OEM

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