US authorities arrest three Mexican drug traffickers in an international operation


The United States Department of Justice reported that ten people were arrested in several cities in that country and Canada as part of Operation Dead Hand, implemented to stop a drug trafficking network from Mexico.

Through a statement, US authorities identified three Mexicans as part of this network, which trafficked hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and other controlled substances, which passed from Mexico to Los Angeles, California, and from there were distributed in the American Union or were exported to Canada.

The Mexicans participating in this network were identified as Jesús Ruiz Sandoval Jr, John Joe Soto, and Eduardo Carvajal, all originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Operation Dead Hand led to arrests and searches in the cities of Los Angeles, Sacramento, Miami, and Odessa in the United States, and in Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary in Canada.

“Today’s charges and arrests across North America reflect the Department of Justice’s close coordination with our Mexican and Canadian partners to disrupt international narcotics trafficking,” said Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco.

“These cases provide yet another example of how our agents and prosecutors work hand in hand to uncover and dismantle organized criminal networks that traffic and profit from deadly drugs.”

The investigation, known as Operation Dead Hand, resulted in two indictments involving 19 people, including Mexico-based suppliers, American distributors, a Canadian who ran an export organization, and Canadian-based truck drivers operating in the United States. United States, and a large-scale Canadian trafficker and Italian organized crime figure, Robert Scoppa, who investigators say purchased massive quantities of drugs wholesale.

Sandoval Jr, currently at large, is believed to be a large-scale drug trafficker involved in importing drugs from Mexico to the United States for distribution and John Joe Soto is his accomplice, while Eduardo Carvajal exports drugs from the United States to Canada.

Source: OEM

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