Another building collapses in Tijuana, Baja California (VIDEO)


After weeks of tension and uncertainty, the second building at risk of collapse in Fraccionamiento La Sierra de Tijuana finally gave way and collapsed. This disaster has left several families homeless and has raised concerns among area residents.

Ground instability and lack of regulation

The collapse of the second building is attributed to the instability of the ground and the lack of proper regulation in construction. Both buildings were built on a hillside, creating considerable risk for apartment dwellers and nearby buildings.

Residents of the area have expressed their frustration with the local authorities, who, according to them, have not taken the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the constructions. They also point out that adequate studies of the land were not carried out before granting the construction permits.

Affected families and search for solutions

Families who lived in collapsed buildings have lost their homes and belongings. Many of them seek answers and support from the authorities and the owner of the buildings. The Tijuana community expects a quick and effective solution to prevent further disasters in the area.

The collaboration between the authorities, the owner of the buildings, and the residents will be crucial to face this situation and guarantee the well-being and safety of all those involved. In the coming days, the authorities are expected to share more information about the actions that will be taken in relation to the collapse of the buildings and the support that will be provided to the affected residents.

Consequences and Prevention of future disasters

This incident has generated a call to the authorities to implement greater regulations in construction and guarantee the safety of the inhabitants of Tijuana. Residents are demanding that proper surveys of the land be carried out and preventive measures are taken to avoid future collapses.

Source: Excelsior

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