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Cancer is scary. For the patient and for their loved ones. Not only is cancer itself scary, but so are the treatments. In fact, sometimes the treatment options are more terrifying than cancer itself. Will it involve invasive surgery? What if there are complications from the surgery? What will chemotherapy and radiation therapy do to me? Will I be able to work? For some patients, other illnesses make it extremely difficult for people to undergo chemotherapy and radiation, and even surgery. Are there alternatives to chemo and radiation?

What are the Benefits of Alternative Treatments?

Advanced cancers often have a low survival rate with traditional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Many patients wish to try alternative or complementary therapies in addition to traditional therapies or even instead of them.
Why would someone refuse chemotherapy in lieu of alternative therapies? Chemotherapy can significantly lower the quality of life. It can even cause cancer cells to become more aggressive.

Holistic approaches look at the whole of a patient and try to determine what caused cancer in the first place. They focus on improving the entire body and reducing tumors. Alternative therapies at cancer treatment centers have little to no side effects and are non-toxic.

How often is someone told they are cancer-free only for it to “return” much more aggressively? Holistic approaches focus on the source, not just cancer itself.

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Why Mexico for Cancer Treatment?

Mexico cancer treatment centers focus on alternative and more holistic treatments that are unavailable in the United States and Canada. Holistic treatments and new medical breakthroughs are more freely used in Mexico. Additionally, doctors are less regulated as is alternative medicine. Some of the most successful alternative cancer treatments focus on the root issue, not just cancer itself.

In Mexico, doctors’ judgment is not as controlled as in the U.S. and Canada. They don’t have to wait years for a governing body to determine new therapies are okay to use. While there are some holistic or alternative approaches allowed in the United States, they are much more limited than in Mexico.
The doctors in Mexico’s cancer treatment centers put emphasis on the holistic approach that includes nutrition as well. For patients that wish to also receive traditional therapies, holistic and alternative therapies offered in Mexico can be a good jumpstart for remission. This is because the doctors work to heal the body’s natural immune function and overall health.

Tijuana especially has many cancer treatment centers and is only a short distance from the U.S.-Mexico border. In fact it is a short drive from the San Diego airport. The doctors and the staff at the centers speak English making it easy to receive cancer treatment in Tijuana Mexico.

Cancer treatment centers in Mexico offer state-of-the-art facilities for those that wish to partake in alternative treatments. One of the main reasons that people travel across the border for medical care is cost. Mexico’s labor cost is much lower as is their real estate costs, enabling facilities to charge much less for treatments. Additionally, doctors in Mexico are not pressured by the insurance companies to meet quotas for a certain number of patients per day so the doctors are able to spend much more time with their patients.

There are many types of alternative cancer treatments that work available at Mexican cancer treatment centers. Some of the therapies include laser cancer therapy, hyperthermia, sound-dynamic therapy, enzymatic cancer therapy, and many many more.

There are always many things to consider when deciding on your health or a loved one’s health. Quality of life when it comes to cancer therapies should always be a significant consideration. Take time to consider cancer treatment centers in Mexico.

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