Ensenada: An attractive port city in Baja, Mexico


Ensenada is an attractive city that has long been one of the area’s major ports. Today Ensenada is also a top cruise-ship destination and the site of numerous luxury housing developments.

Fishing, surfing, swimming, scuba diving, and sunbathing are popular in Ensenada, as they are in most other oceanside cities in Baja. In Ensenada, there’s also golf, tennis, many excellent restaurants, nightclubs, cafés, theater, and ballet. What the casual tourist may not know, however, is that Ensenada has several excellent research institutions and Mexico’s highest concentration of scientists, leading many to call Ensenada the “City of Science.” The city is host to several important sporting events during the year, such as regattas and the Baja 1000, an off-track race for motorcycles, and a variety of car classifications.

In the winter, the city’s bay, Bahía de Todos Santos, or All Saints Bay, is a great spot for watching gray whales. Although real estate and daily expenses are much lower in Baja than in most parts of the U.S., residents here almost always have a car. Most air travelers either fly to San Diego and cross the border into Mexico or fly to the international airport at Tijuana. (A recently opened “air bridge” now connects San Diego with the Tijuana airport. Travelers have reported taking a mere five minutes to cross the bridge on foot, avoiding the delays that cars crossing the border can experience.)

Many expats in Baja take advantage of healthcare access in San Diego, but others use local facilities. Both Rosarito and Ensenada have fine hospitals. Facilities in Rosarito include the Clínica y Hospital Bonanova and the Sanoviv Institute, as well as several smaller hospitals and public hospitals. In Ensenada you’ll find the Clínica de Especialidades Médicas San Fernando, the Hospital Santa Rosa de Lima and the Hospital Velmar, among others.

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