Google Wifi arrives in Mexico; promises better internet coverage for the home


Various department stores already advertise the availability of Google Wifi on their sites.

Google Wifi arrived in Mexico as an expansion of its offer of Nest devices, with a router that, according to the company, will provide better internet coverage in homes.

Various department stores such as Chedraui, Coppel, Costco, Liverpool, Mercado Libre, Mixup, Office Depot, Palacio de Hierro, RadioShack, Sanborns, Sears, Home Depot, and Walmart have already announced the availability of Google Wifi on their sites.

There are two presentations:

On platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre, the device is sold between 1,600 and 2,599 pesos each; however, packages of up to three units are also offered.

In other stores it costs:

– Google Wifi, 1 pack: 2,599 pesos
– Google Wifi, 3 pack: 4,999 pesos

Google Wifi states that its router can cover a house of up to 110 square meters, therefore, the pack of three can give coverage of up to 330 square meters.

Google Wifi added that its device has mesh network capabilities, that is, a network made up of a main router that works as a base station, and that it has access points that communicate with it but also with each other. Thus, they form a single Wi-Fi network, with the same name and password, to expand the coverage of the central signal.

The configuration and administration of Google Wifi is done through the Google Home app, from which you can create a network for visitors and manage the connection time of devices.

Mexico Daily Post