Baja California Congress approves same-sex marriage


The Baja California Congress approved same-sex marriage in the ordinary session this Wednesday, June 16th, with 18 votes in favor, four against, and one abstention.

The constitutional reform initiative was presented by three representatives from the Morena party in the local Congress, Julia Andrea González, Miriam Cano, and Montserrat Caballero Ramírez. With this decision, Baja California joins the 16 State Congresses that have approved equal marriage, among which is that of Sinaloa, who last Tuesday approved to extend the figures of marriage and cohabitation to people of the same sex.

The Baja California Congress approved rulings 59, 60, and 96 all in order to eradicate discrimination and ensure that all people have the same rights under the law.

The reform also eliminates from the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California legal provisions of the Civil Code, which did not allow people of the same sex to marry.

During her intervention to cast the vote in favor of opinion 59, Julia González highlighted that as legislators they have all the authority and responsibility to create laws ad hoc to the social reality in which we live and “if reforming the Constitution is what is needed so that people can live happily and above all that this resistance that they have been carrying for years is done to them justice, and that love with love is paid, Julia González in favor and this is our duty and that is why we are here representing ”, said the representative.

During the reading of opinion number 60 of the Commission of Governance, Legislation, and Constitutional Points, Juan Manuel Molina García highlighted that article 143 would be modified to establish that marriage is the free union of two people to carry out the community of life, where both respect, equality and mutual aid are sought, it must be held before the civil registry and with the probabilities indicated in the code.

During the issuance of her vote for opinion 60, Miriam Cano indicated that what is sought with this reform is to change the paradigms of discrimination and grant respect “to love, to empathy.”

For her part, representative Evangelina Moreno indicated that the approval of the initiative will help to sensitize the citizens of Baja California to understand the importance of diversity and the fight against discrimination.

Source: El Economista

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