San Miguel de Allende and Morelia, perfect destinations for a “Pop-Up” wedding


Romance tourism was transformed with the arrival of Covid-19, we interviewed some wedding planners to discover their new modalities.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day we share some ideas to celebrate, pack your bags and even get married within the framework of Covid-19 and without leaving the country. This is what some of the most important wedding planners in the country think.

In San Miguel de Allende

“San Miguel de Allende is a destination par excellence because there are all kinds of places for small and large weddings, because it has incredible churches, villas, hacienda houses, and the Allende dam, as well as places like the Dos Casas hotel (with rooms with terraces private) to carry out the celebration ”, the organizers of pop up weddings, Sandra Vázquez and Guadalupe Álvarez, from Pop Up Weddings México and Penzi Weddings, tell us in an interview for Viajero.

According to them, and within the framework of the February 14 celebration in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this destination has been one of the most requested for weddings in recent years: “the waiting lists to hold a A party could take months or even years, as around 20 weddings were held here every weekend. Today is the opportunity to embark on an adventure and have a private wedding, with only your close ones and enjoy a security bubble ”.

But what is a pop up wedding and how was the wedding planer job transformed?

“A pop up wedding is a wedding that does not take much planning that can be done quickly, it can be done wherever, whenever and however it is, it can be on a mountain or before jumping from a plane with a parachute, the options are many . It is a concept that is widely used in Europe but that arrived in Mexico since last year ”.

This concept was born in Portugal with Rui Motta Pinto, and now many countries make them. These events consider a maximum of 15 people and it is basically the ceremony, and a small toast, with the option to extend if you want to have a lunch or dinner (currently, as long as the authorities allow it due to security protocols), and lasts approximately two to three hours.


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