Mazatlan officials leave open the possibility of Easter Week “Semana Santa” proceeding


The head of the Ministry of Tourism said that the Caribbean Series will probably leave an economic spill of 500 million pesos

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- still can not determine if you are going to do or how it will perform the Holy Week in Mazatlan, recognized the Secretary of Tourism in the stateOscar Perez Barros; who indicated that everything will depend on the contagions that exist and that the dates approach.

The state official said that protocols will be implemented on the epidemiological traffic light, however, health authorities, prevention, and all those who make up the tourism sector will already be analyzing how they will strengthen the measures.

“It is being analyzed, I think the council is analyzing what will happen at Easter, it all depends on the next few weeks, how the epidemiological traffic light behaves. I could not say to them: “we are going to have a successful Easter”, because it would be very irresponsible of me to ensure if we are going to have Easter or with what restrictions, what capacities, I cannot say. “

On the other hand, he reported that at the moment there is speculation of an economic spill of 500 million pesos thanks to the Caribbean Series, although this figure will be known once it is finished.

And he indicated that this event did help the port’s economy, but it did not crowd it as some consider it to be, since hotel occupancy remained at 45 percent during the week and up to 65 percent on the weekend.


The Mazatlan Post