Cafes to fight (and enjoy) the cold in Guanajuato


There is no doubt: coffee has gone from being an after-dinner procedure to becoming a gourmet and specialized product, even cultured and expressly appreciated. Such is the degree of passion that this black gold generates and such is the sophistication that the palate of its consumers is acquiring, that the initiatives to create amazing experiences around these drinks multiply.

In this case, the capital Guanajuato is a privileged city, because the contrasts provided by the architecture and its colors create unique environments, and in them, there are happy coffee shops. These places frequented by friends, acquaintances, family, lovers, and loners.

The fact of having to name one of them as the best (or the best) is frustrating and incense, because they all have their magic and charm. Spaces that amplify our senses to the degree of stimulating creativity, intelligence, and passions.

Balconies and terraces framed by a series of warm lights, tables sheltered by leafy trees, toasters that impregnate the smell of coffee in entire viceregal blocks, cobblestones, and flagstones that lead you to delight yourself with a great diversity of desserts … there is no end!

And for these cold seasons, what else can pamper us than a rich coffee or hot chocolate. So without further ado, we present you with this coffee circuit to enjoy these seasons in the charming city of Guanajuato.

Ungrateful Coffee

Located in Marfil, it is a place that flags the method coffee, which is spectacularly served directly to your table whose options abound between V60, chemex, follow, aeropress, Japanese siphon or French press. These extractions can enjoy while also aware rich your sense of listening to pop music vocal harmonies of the decade of the 40s and early 50s.

“A place with a pleasant and welcoming terrace.”

“We love coffee …”

The Gregarious

Located on Paseo de la Presa (in front of the large Florencio Antillón garden), this place combines the philosophy of competitive cycling and a love of coffee. Sure, they seem like polar opposites for decoration. However, here it was possible to harmonize both concepts to create a fabulous experience with your specialty bar.

“Although it looks like a bicycle workshop, it is a coffee workshop.”

Yesi Cafeteria

At the very corner of the emblematic Calle del Truco, this place stands out, in which, in the first instance, hundreds of pink petals stand out from a window. The environment will move to a nice trade in the 80s, emphasized by colors pastels, which also are not only colors, here also devote their talents to the pastry.

“A cherry tree peeking out.”

Live Coffee

Between colorful facades in a central and narrow street (Manuel Doblado), here you choose the type of coffee preparation you want and need to increase that feeling that you carry with you. Without a doubt, the best area here is entering the back to the right. Sit back, relax and enjoy the best selection of Indie music. If you feel like reading, choose one of the books here.

“Chess or a book to go with it?”

Cafe El Conquistador

Conquering one of the main streets of the historic center. Just by passing near (or even far) the aroma attracts you and takes you to a cozy place on Positos Street, where the ceiling stands out for its upholstery of old and current world banknotes, enriching its cosmopolitan style.

“Let it rain coffee”

Costal Coffee Culture

Located in the Casa Cuatro complex, historic center. Welcome, musical pieces of pure and acclaimed French selection. You have to climb about 30 steps, and in the course, the smell of coffee and tea, in the case of the ocular sense, there are art exhibitions (which are traveling by the way). It has four tables on the balcony for you to admire the city.

“Wood, clock and coffee.”


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