At the worst moment: Baja California Government withdraws financial support from Red Cross


The voluntary contributions of Revenue Collection were eliminated

Each year the Red Cross offers up to 45 thousand services in the state; In 2020 that figure soared due to the cases of Covid-19 in the region and they even attended up to 40 daily calls only in Tijuana, however, now this health institution suffers a situation that would leave it without financial support.

The government of Baja California withdrew the voluntary contributions made to the Red Cross by taxpayers at the Revenue Collection offices.

The decision harshly affects the institution, as they would lose 27 million pesos annually, that is, 60% of their budget for ambulance services.

At the moment, the directors of the Red Cross are looking for a solution to solve the problem with the state government and have not given an official position or statement on the fact “until there is a rapprochement with the corresponding authorities,” said Miriam Meza, director of communication for the Red Cross.

The withdrawal of this subsidy comes at the worst moment, since more and more ambulances are heard in the city to attend to emergency cases, especially now with Covid-19 on the rise and saturated hospitals.


Baja California Post