CargoGas gas stations will feed street dogs


By Jose Luis Ramos

The Gas stations of the CargoGas Group announced that their stations will be “Pet Friendly”. The company dedicated to the supply of hydrocarbons will place drinkers and food for stray dogs at its service stations. This is how they made it known through their social networks

“Saving the life of an animal is not going to change the world, but it does change the world to save this animal. At Grupo CargoGas we are committed to our community, so soon all our stations will be ‘Pet Friendly’ in order to provide food and water to homeless dogs ”, the company published on its Facebook account.

gas stations

CargoGas shared photographs in which two dogs can be seen eating croquettes from a dispenser at one of its gas stations. Immediately, hundreds of users of social networks showed their approval of the initiative of the gas station. And they highlighted it as a socially responsible company in La Laguna. 

Gas stations of Coahuila, Saltillo and Torreón join the cause

Likewise, the company took advantage of the publication to endorse its commitment to society and the animals of Coahuila. It is worth mentioning that the CargoGas chain has sixteen gas stations distributed throughout Coahuila, Saltillo, and Torreón. In which food and water were placed in dispensers.

The company seeks to show solidarity with the animals in the street. And thus, contribute to the social problems represented by hungry animals roaming the streets.

Similarly, the gas station group seeks to contribute to the community of Coahuila and is already planning other social initiatives. Such as the donation of material for shelters and animal rescuers. 

It should be noted that, in previous years, CargoGas undertook campaigns such as the collection of bottle caps to support children with cancer and fundraisers to donate to foundations. In addition to this, in the near future, the possibility of making a “blanket campaign” is being considered.

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