These two Tijuana neighborhoods have the highest number of active cases of coronavirus


The border city adds 145 active cases, having more than 10 colonies that present chains of transmission by Covid-19

The Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico released the update of Covid-19 cases in Baja California on the morning of this Tuesday, August 25.

During this live broadcast, Perez Rico pointed out the colonies with active cases of coronavirus in Tijuana and the rest of the municipalities, adding the state to this day 434 of these cases and registering the border city at least 145 of that total.

According to information from the Secretary of Health, of the 12 neighborhoods with active cases in Tijuana, two of them are the ones with the most of these cases, the Libertad neighborhood with 5 cases and Ciudad Jardín with 4 cases.

The rest of the colonies have 3 active cases each and are as follows:

– Salvatierra
– Pedregal Santa Julia
– Rio Zone
– Soler
– Lazaro Cardenas
– Lomas del Porvenir
– Lomas de la Presa
– Florido (1st section)
– Francisco Villa
– Villa del Real

Given this, the Secretary of Health asked to mitigate the movement and focus on performing only essential activities.

In addition to these active cases, Baja California has 16,160 positive cases and 3,044 deaths from Covid-19.

Despite it seems a discouraging context, there are already 9,270 Baja Californians who have managed to fight the battle against the coronavirus, of which 2,110 are residents of Tijuana.

And you, how do you observe your colonies? Do you have a neighbor who does not comply with the preventive measures?


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