La Paz fisherman breaks world record for sea bass sports fishing


According to The International Game Fish Association (IGFA), the South Californian sport fisherman, Ricardo Reyes Martínez, is a candidate to set a new world record in the field of sport fishing in the All-Tackle and Men ‘s Class World Class categories. World Records.

Reyes Martínez pointed out that on April 30 he prepared to go fishing without having a record in mind, therefore, the capture of that day took him by surprise.

“We were fishing approximately 60 km north of La Paz, on the Pacific Ocean, when we were looking to fish other species such as snappers and it was there when I had the opportunity to feel that something had caught my trolling, we were fishing with a technique that called surf fishing or casting, which is to fish on shore, it was under this technique that he bit this fish, ”he explained.

The current record is 37.98 kilograms and was broken in San Felipe, Baja California, which has been maintained for more than 67 years, and which could be broken by the capture of Reyes Martínez, which resulted in a sea bass of 39.9 kilograms.

Hombre de La Paz capturó lobina de mar de 39 kilos y bate récord ...

“It is a record in two categories, one is called a line class or line class, which is when you claim a record in certain line clearance, the lines are classified by resistance, I am claiming the record in the line class category 30 pounds, and the other category is called All-Tackle, that category that is from 0 to 130 pounds, so my record applies for that category, it is a record in two categories, “he explained.

Currently, Ricardo sent the documentation of all the evidence to the IGFA, complying with all the protocols set, however, he pointed out that it is a long process, which will take up to 45 days for the opinion to be issued and for the record to be official.

He pointed out that if he breaks this record, this would represent a very important achievement in his life and career as a sports fisherman, but he also emphasized that a feat of this style would give Baja California Sur an even more national and international projection as a tourist destination.

“This would give the state a good boost because it is attractive to both national and foreign fishermen that the state of Baja California Sur, the Sea of ​​Cortez or the Pacific Ocean can be a place with a lot of potentials to break world records. With this, a very important message is sent to the international community and it would become an attraction for fishermen from all over the world to come and try to break records in different species, “he concluded.

The fisherman, who has been the owner of Todo de Pesca ,  a prestigious sport fishing store in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, for 10 years , announced that he will soon seek a similar catch, but in another species, to do the same to achieve a world brand.


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