Mexicali surpasses Tijuana in positive cases for coronavirus


In addition, the state capital already occupies the third place nationwide with more active cases

In 24 hours, 182 new cases were registered in the region, thus adding 4,082 positive cases , distributed as follows in the state: Tijuana 1,822, Mexicali 1,842, Ensenada 190, Tecate 149, Rosarito 53, San Quintín / VG 21 and San Felipe 5.

People between 45-49 years are the most infected , followed by adults over 65 years.

En Baja California confirman 80 nuevos casos de COVID-19 en un día ...

As it could be observed, Mexicali already surpasses Tijuana in the number of confirmed cases , unfortunately this municipality also already occupies the 3rd place nationwide (as a municipality) with more active cases with 415, while Tijuana has 157 cases of this type, thus observing a negative downward trend in the border city.

As of today, 671 deaths are reported in Baja California of which: Tijuana 451, Mexicali 154, Ensenada 33, Tecate 22, Rosarito 7, San Quintín / VG 3 and San Felipe 1.

Of these cases, people between 50-54 years are the majority who have died, while 8.8 deaths per day are being registered in the region .

The number of people who have managed to recover from this virus in the region are 789, of whom 359 are from Tijuana, however, in Baja California there are still 589 suspected cases.


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