Los Cabos Tourism Board Reveals Reopening Plan


The Los Cabos Tourism Board has created a reopening plan, which covers international travelers and new health and safety guidelines in collaboration with hotels, restaurants and travel operators across the destination

Since 80 percent of all international arrivals to Los Cabos comes from the U.S. (60 percent from California), the tourism board, local authorities, hotels, and operators are working together to build confidence from travelers and have unveiled part of their five-phase reopening plan starting on June 1 and going until Q1 in 2021, when the destination expects a projected recovery in bookings of 80 percent. (To date, the destination is projecting a decrease in travel arrivals of 35 percent in 2020, which represents almost 1 million travelers to the destination.)

In their approach, the Los Cabos Tourism Board is paying close attention to the U.S.’ and individual states’ reopening plans, the U.S. Travel Association travel projections, and the evolution of COVID-19 in Mexico to ensure the reopening plan is aligned to the market needs and trends.

Here is a summary of the reopening phases, which shed some light into what the future of international travel to Mexico might look like:

  • Phase I (June) — Limit travel activity with a focus on the implementation of the health and safety standards and compliance across the destination
  • Phase II (July) — Opening of the international terminal and resuming international visitation
  • Phase III (August to September) — Slowly recovering national and international arrivals, especially among the reservations that were postponed from March and April to a later time
  • Phase IV (October to December) — Luxury travelers to return to the destination along with groups and travelers from Canada and the U.K.; 60 percent of bookings projected by EOY
  • Phase V (Q1 of 2021) — 60 percent air connectivity projected to be restored along with 80 percent of bookings projected to recover by early 2021.

Note: The U.S.-Mexico border remains closed through at least May 20, according to U.S. Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf. Whether this will be extended has yet to be announced.

The tourism board will soon be announcing a comprehensive set of health and safety guidelines that are being implemented and/or enhanced at the airport, transportation operators, restaurants, travel operators and hotels to ensure a consistent security plan to all travelers from the moment they arrive in the destination.

Source: .travelagentcentral.com

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