COVID checkpoints are maintained on the borders of Sinaloa, Sonora, Durango, Nayarit, Guerrero, and Michoacan


This in order to avoid crowding on the roads during the celebration of May 10

The Sanitary Filters located in the limits of Sinaloa with the states of SonoraDurango, and Nayarit are maintained with the presence of elements of the State Preventive Police and Civil Protection to decrease the transfer of people from one entity to another already, in turn, prevent Covid-19 infections.

As part of the reinforcement of the sanitary filters that will be applied this Mother’s Day, elements of the state police seek to make the population of these states aware so that they do not leave the house if it is not necessary.

The sanitary filter was installed in the Mesillas booth by the Mazatlán-Durango Highway, as well as a method of preventing a possible infection, temperature checks are being carried out on motorists.

Likewise, in the limits with the state of Nayarit, in the municipality of Escuinapa, the elements reinforced the Sanitary Filter previously installed at the height of La Concha, a place where measures are issued on the use of the mouth mask, maintain a healthy distance and carry out the body temperature measurement.

Likewise, the state elements call on the people of Sinaloa to stay home on Mother’s Day to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Two sanitary filters on the border of Guerrero with Michoacan to prevent further spread of the virus of the Covid-19, authorities in the municipalities of La Union and Zihuatanejo, in coordination with personnel of the Sanitary District 03, as well as elements of the Guard National, Mexican Army, State Police, and Civil Protection.

All persons entering the Bajío area into the State of Guerrero are checked on the free highway to Lázaro Cárdenas Michoacán, aboard buses, combis, motorcycles, taxis, private cars, and cargo trucks.

The Municipal President of La Unión Crescencio Reyes Torres confirmed positive cases to Covid-19, of which seniors lost their lives.

He pointed out that the last person who tested positive for Coronavirus, detected last weekend, remains isolated at home.

It is on the Federal highway Zihuatanejo-Lazaro Cárdenas where the authorities take the body temperature of passengers who travel from the area of ​​the shoal to the Costa Grande, in order to detect passengers with high temperatures and good to prevent them from entering both Zihuatanejo and the Municipality of La Unión.

The sanitary filter checkpoints will be in operations every day


The Mazatlan Post