700 restaurants in La Paz BCS will reopen this week


The establishments will reopen their doors tomorrow, after closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, and they will only do so with home delivery.

On Monday, more than 700 restaurants in La Paz, Baja California Sur, will reopen after closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, reported the president of the Chamber of the Industry of Restaurants and Seasoned Foods (Canirac) Lorena Hinojosa Olivas.

“We are going to open this Monday, under the new modality of order and collect service or home delivery service “; She highlighted that in the group that she chairs, “we have approximately one thousand 580 affiliates, of which at least 700 will reopen their doors,  but under the schemes that the health authority has allowed; This situation can no longer continue without having an income, so we have to start having liquidity to be able to mainly pay salaries, “she said.

Hinojosa Oliva specified that the restaurants will open with 25 percent of their workforce, in order that within these places healthy distance can be maintained; also, he said, that the home service that some of the establishments may implement will be direct, “that is, the owner or collaborator will be the one to take the food so that the client receives a product with all the hygiene measures established.”

“We will have large losses, this May 10 is the date where the highest sales of the year were recorded, but due to this health contingency, which is lived by the coronavirus, the economic loss will be large, they are billions of pesos “, regretably.

It should be noted that throughout the month of April 98 percent of food establishments remained closed, however, the owners of these places paid the corresponding salary to their collaborators, so they have decided to reopen under the hygiene measures and restrictions that have been made by the health authorities.

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Source: elsudcaliforniano.com.mx, milenio.com

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