Tijuana boy trades his toys for food for his family (VIDEO)


Alexis’s mother lost her job a month and a half ago, due to the Covid-19 health contingency.

Tijuana, Baja California (April 26, 2020).- Seeing the complicated economic situation that his family faces due to the coronavirus contingency, young Alexis decided to trade his toys for food, in order to support his loved ones.

On Friday April 24th, the boy decided to swap his most precious belongings (his toys), for supplies to feed his family, as his mother lost her job six weeks ago, and they have nothing to eat.

“My son told me he was willing to give away his toys, and today we started,” said the mother.

Among the toys are balls, plush animals, dolls, and action figures.

Many people have decided to help this family in need.

Five weeks after the first Covid-19 case was detected in the region, the outlook looks more complicated for the low-income sector, which has had to find different ways to obtain economic resources to survive.

A few days ago, the state Secretary of Economy, Mario Escobedo Carignan, pointed out that 11 thousand jobs have been lost in Baja California in the last month, and he added that this number will increase.

According to figures from the National Employment Survey, 37.3% of state workers work in the so-called informality.

Source: OEM

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