Puerto Vallarta Scotiabank employee test positive for coronavirus


A Scotiabank employee at the Península Vallarta branch tested positive for coronavirus, for which the branch closed its doors and sent its staff to preventive isolation for 14 days.

The financial institution recommends that all its clients, who have gone to the aforementioned branch from April 9 to date, take the appropriate measures.

That is, be alert to any symptoms, seek voluntary isolation and go to the doctor in case of symptoms.

Scotiabank branch in peninsula plaza
Plaza Peninsula Peninsula branch closed by coronavirus

Scotiabank indicates that its collaborator is stable under outpatient medical supervision.

Through a press release, verified by this means, Víctor Valencia, public relations executive at the service of Scotiabank corroborated the information.

He specified that the family credit subsidiary located in the peninsula has closed its doors to undergo a deep cleaning and disinfection process. They are scheduled to open until May 4.

For the time being, they reiterate that all the clients of that branch that have come to carry out some procedure take the corresponding measures.

He reported that the subsidiary is in communication with the corresponding authorities.

Statement from Scotiabank for coronavirus case at a Puerto Vallarta branch

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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