April’s pink moon: what you need to know about the year’s biggest moon


Tuesday, April 7th will be one of the best days to look at the sky and see how our natural satellite will rise in what is the largest Supermoon of the year.

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Despite the fact that in the month of April there are few astronomical phenomena that can be seen with the naked eye – because in deep space there will always be some event to see, particularly with the help of telescopes or the Internet itself – that does not subtract wonder from what it offers us, because, in addition to a shower of stars, the largest and brightest Supermoon of the year will also take place.

Why do they call it Pink Moon

This does not mean that suddenly the moon this month has a pinkish tone, far from it, in fact, it corresponds to specific designations of each culture, in general, the meaning of the Native Americans of the United States has become quite popular, which linked the beginning of spring and the appearance of flowers of all colors, but essentially pink. That is why there is a possibility that you will find this Moon called by another name. 

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How to see the biggest Supermoon of the year  

Seeing the full moon and especially this Supermoon is a relatively simple act, since you only need to look in the night sky for the largest star, but if you need something more specific, the recommendation is that you look towards the East, look for a very high and wait for our natural satellite to rise through the skies casting its peculiar light. 

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You can also try to find your way by looking for the constellation Virgo and in particular Spica, the brightest star in that constellation; the Moon will be in the Northwest. 

When will it be seen

This Supermoon will occur on April 8 at 02:35 UTC, which for Mexico time translates to Tuesday, April 7 at 9:35 at night. Of course, the Moon can be seen on the horizon from approximately 8 at night.

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Why do they consider her a Supermoon

As with other similar phenomena, Full Moons are designated as Supermoons for the simple fact that they are much closer to Earth, making them appear larger and brighter. 

It is the third Supermoon of the year

After the Supermoon of April 7, only the one in May will remain, thus closing the cycle of Supermoons, although towards the second half of the year we will be able to witness other phenomena such as various solar and lunar eclipses.

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The Moon and other planets

In the following days, it will be possible to find other planets in the vicinity of the Moon, such as Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, including Pluto, although you should bear in mind that for this dwarf planet you will need a powerful telescope to see it, since most of the Regular or amateur telescopes are not large enough. To find those planets visible to the eye, be sure to see the sky at dawn, specifically in the hours before sunrise. 

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