Norwegian Joy docks in Puerto Vallarta with 1,200 people in quarantine as MS Europa cruise passengers are evacuated


The Norwegian Joy cruise ship is allowed to dock in Puerto Vallarta but, according to the authorities, no one will get off the cruise.

Although according to official information, there are no infected people, the ship will be yellow flagged for voluntary quarantine until they find a port to disembark.

They have been on the high seas for 10 days and it has not been precisely specified, but it was revealed that between 700 and 1,200 crew members are coming.

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Norwegian Joy is a well-known visitor to our port, however, during its crossing the decree of border closure and the suppression of tourist activities was issued.

That is why they were adrift in the Pacific and requested authorization to arrive at this port, which was granted in the first instance under the commitment that no one would unpack.

They will be in port until they find a final landing place.

Passengers evacuated from Europe cruise

Passengers evacuated from Europe cruise

The passengers of the cruise ship Europe, which arrived on Thursday afternoon were transferred to the airport to be taken to their place of origin.

Passengers from the Europe cruise ship are being evacuated after 25 days of sailing to finally receive humanitarian support in this port. 

In an operation supervised by both elements of the Navy with binomial groups and elements of the municipal road police coordinated by the director of the corporation Misael López and immigration authorities, the passengers were transferred to the airport to be taken to their place of origin.

As will be remembered Puerto Vallarta, as a “humanitarian bridge”, received this ship yesterday afternoon, which brought more than 300 passengers and 130 crew members on board and has accumulated 25 days on the high seas.

Today all passengers are being directed to the international airport to be transferred to their countries of origin.

According to the sanitary requirements, the incubation days had already passed, so it was completely ruled out that there were people infected with Covid-19.

In Puerto Vallarta, they underwent the migration and health review process and according to the doctors who were in charge of the operation, all were healthy. 

Con 300 pasajeros se refugia en Vallarta el crucero Europa

They are being transferred to the airport on board buses that are guarded by civil, immigration and military authorities. The ship will be a few more hours and none of its crew will go down to the port.

After seven in the morning, the evacuation of the ship was concluded, sending the last truck to the Puerto Vallarta international airport, located very close to the maritime terminal.

As previously reported in CPS Noticias and in Tribuna de la Bahía, it is expected that in the next few days at least 3 more ships will arrive. It is worth mentioning that Rotterdam has already left Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta will still receive at least two more cruises, without specifying which and when, nor what will be the migratory status of its crew and passengers.

Source:, CPS Noticias

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