Jalisco Government orders the closing of all public venues in the state due to Coronavirus


To contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19), Governor Enrique Alfaro will decree the total closure of casinos, nightclubs, party halls and/or events, as well as clubs, bars, canteens or the like.

The measure published in the Official Newspaper of the State of Jalisco, although the 125 Municipal Presidents have already been notified of the agreement made by the head of the Executive Branch.

The document also includes recommendations to reinforce hygiene and cleaning measures in cinemas, restaurants, and gyms, such as cleaning and disinfecting frequently used places (railings and door handle, among others).

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Ajijic Lake Chapala

“Regarding cinemas, restaurants, and gyms, cleaning measures will have to be reinforced, as well as reducing the influx of people: in the case of cinemas of up to 50 percent and 25 percent in restaurants, in addition to seeking distance of between one and two meters per person, “wrote Alfaro on his social networks.

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For those same establishments, the decree also suggests preparing a solution with one percent chlorine and 99 percent water, that is, 10 milliliters of chlorine for every liter of water to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects in common use.

These establishments should keep the environment clean and ventilated and, if possible, with adequate sunlight.

The new measures to deal with the coronavirus will take effect on Wednesday, March 18.

Source: mural.com