2 consecutive days of falling gasoline prices in Mexico, What are the prices now across the country


The national average price of Magna, Premium, and Diesel, check it out here!

Two days with a downward trend maintains the price of gasoline in Mexico after the adjustments caused by the war over oil and the changes that have strained the world markets due to the coronavirus issue.

This Thursday, March 12, the average price of gasoline in Mexico registers a significant drop: Magna 19.36 pesos, Premium 20.31 and Diesel 20.82 pesos

Yesterday, March 12, it was already showing a noticeable drop that this Thursday was emphasized even more: Magna 19.48 pesos per liter, Premium 20.42 pesos and Diesel 20.9 pesos *

During Tuesday Magna gasoline sold for 19.53, Premium for 20.46 pesos and Diesel for 20.94 pesos

Average price of gasoline in MEXICO CITY – CDMX today

Magna 20.28

Premium 21.25

Diesel 20.97

Average price of gasoline in COAHUILA today

Magna 18.98

Premium 20.3

Diesel 20.95

Average gas price in SINALOA today

Magna 19.49

Premium 21.17

Diesel 21.25

Average price of gasoline in CHIAPAS today

Magna 19.03

Premium 19.63

Diesel 20.67

Average gasoline price in BAJA CALIFORNIA NORTE today

Magna 18.45

Premium 20.13

Diesel 20.28

During February, Mexicans paid almost double for regular gasoline, compared to the average price of gasoline sold in the United States.

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Source: gasolinamx.com

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