Mexico should have more cases of coronavirus than those registered, it is being taken lightly says Infectologist


The head of medicine at the ABC Hospital, Francisco Moreno Sánchez, said the problem is being taken lightly and not with the seriousness required by the epidemiological outbreak

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After the Ministry of Health confirmed the seventh case of coronavirus in the country, the spread of the virus that emerged in Wuhan Province, China, has reached alarming rates in European countries such as Italy; a situation that Mexico will not be oblivious to, several experts point out.

In an interview with Sergio Sarmiento for El Heraldo RadioFrancisco Moreno Sánchez, an infectologist, head of medicine at the ABC Hospital, said that the situation in Mexico is worrisome and even considers that there should be a greater number of cases than those currently reported.

This situation is very worrying because there could be an indefinite number of detected patients, who spread the virus and spread it to more people, which could lead to a situation of contagion for many people at the same time, which could not be attended to. properly in the country’s health centers.

Resultado de imagen de coronavirus en mexico

Minimum use of evidence

Among the things that are being done badly, the expert considered that, from his point of view, the minimum use of diagnostic tests is worrisome, since in countries such as South Korea, many patients who have just started with the symptoms have been detected who attend to them in a timely manner and isolate, avoiding more contagion and saving their life. 

For Francisco Moreno Sánchez, the necessary tests are not being carried out, in addition to the fact that we only have three certified centers to carry it out, so this situation means that there is no adequate way to detect the virus.

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Increase measures 

The infectologist stressed that in countries like Mexico the epidemiological outbreak is being taken lightly, which is somewhat worrying considering that the death rate of this virus has varied from country to country, for example: in Italy the death rate it is 4.9 percent while in the United States it is 3 percent.

While it is argued that the people who get the virus almost  80 percent will be fine, it is not mentioned that 15 percent will require attention and between 5 and 3 percent will inevitably die.

The figures are alarming and although it is said that influenza takes more lives in the country, this new disease is 25 times more deadly, said the specialist.

Resultado de imagen de coronavirus en mexico

Security must be raised

The specialist considered that security should be increased at airports since it is no longer just China where there are cases, the epidemiological outbreak has a presence in 109 countries, which is why it is worrying that sanitary measures are not taken at national airports that Contain contagion.


Finally, the ABC Hospital infectologist recommended to comply with health measures and prevent contagion by avoiding attending mass events or in enclosed areas where many people are concentrated, all in order to avoid entering a situation like in other countries that took the virus. lightly and now suffers the consequences.

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En Italia se han registrado hasta el momento 233 fallecidos por el #coronavirus.

Posted by El Heraldo de México on Sunday, March 8, 2020


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