Baja Californian pronghorn 2020 birth season just started


Fifteen Baja California pronghorns (Antilocapra americana peninsularis) have been born so far in 2020, thanks to the Mexico Government´s Pronghorn Recovery Program, these animals had been endangered a about 25 years ago, now this subspecies population has grown thanks to a task undertaken by the Flora & Fauna Protection Department of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas, these newborns have been born in captivity as well as in the wild.

The Baja California Pronghorns is an antelope of sorts (they belong to the same family) and it is exclusively found in the “Valle de los Cirios” (Valley of the Candles) and the project to protect it started in 1998, when this subspecies was in serious danger of extinction, 22 years during which the population has reached 523 animals in three different handling types.

The project also aims to recover these beautiful antelope like anima´s habitat, and among the hazards that this subspecies also known as peninsular pronghorn, are: Drought recover (climate change), predator attacks (coyote), habitat fragmentation, competing against cattle, poachers and disease and they are handled in three different handling manners: Intensive, extensive and wildlife.

Along the three breeding stations, many young as well as adult pronghorns, have been seen running besides the wildlife packs, government and landowners work together in order to achieve a higher level of conservation and definitely save this species, which only dwells in Mexican territory, in the Baja California Peninsula and the fight to save these beautiful animals is a joint effort, where not only Mexico´s Government intervenes, the United Nations Program for Development and the Global Environment Fund also take part of this endeavor.

Source: The Baja Post